(01) 296 5025
33/34 Hillview Grove, Ballinteer, Dublin D16 P9V9


Hillview Resource Centre’s staff team provide a confidential, professional environment and will do their best to assist you in every way. If you have a question about the FRC’s work or volunteering contact Claire the Project Manager by emailing her on manager@hillviewrc.ie

The Board of Directors hope you will visit the centre for help or advice in the near future. The Board are looking for skilled volunteers to work alongside existing members on the Board of Management. If you are able to work objectively and have never been a member of Hillview’s Board of Management, why not drop the Project Manager an email at manager@hillviewrc.ie or call her on 01 296 5025. Interviews and candidate selection will apply to new Board members. For a list of current Board Members and Directors click HERE.

June Harrison, Chairperson 

Name: Role at the Hillview:
Claire McEwen Project Manager (MA, BSc, DipM)
Katie Foy Community Development & Family Support Worker (MA, BA)
Storm Pyper-O’Neill Early Years & Family Support Coordinator (BA)
Marian Kelly Administrator
Nicola Coleman-Kelly Room Leader, Early Years Educator (QQI8)
Debbie McGuire (on leave) Room Leader, Early Years Educator (QQI6)
Marie Power Acting Room Leader/Early Years Educator (QQI5/6)
Paula Flynn Early Years Educator (QQI6)
Aileen Mangan Early Years (AIM) Educator (QQI5)
Rebecca Lowbridge Project Worker
Rosa Lopez Project Worker
Martin Woods Centre Caretaker
Ciara Morgan Early Years Education (Relief Panel)
Gabrielle O’Regan Early Years Educator (Relief Panel)
Johanna Davy Early Years Educator (Relief Panel)
Therapeutic Supports:  
Deirdre Whelan Play/Creative Therapist (Hillview Low Cost)
Ellen Browne Psychotherapist (Hillview Low Cost)
Carol O’Brien Counsellor (Hillview Low Cost)
Dermot McCarthy Psychotherapist (Private Practice/Hillview Low Cost)
Antoinette Copley Psychotherapist (Hillview Low Cost)
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